The Mask

EH Works

$ 28.00

Seeing a great need, we started making masks for those people we knew who could use them the most and those who might not have the resources or ability to purchase.  We have been making these for the independent restaurant industry, families seeking asylum at the border and friends. We have consistently gotten feedback that our masks are everyones' favorite. Comfortable, easy to breathe and talk in, simple to put on and take off, functional and stylish. The mask is constructed to stay in place all day. We have included a layer of stiff interfacing, which allows the mask to stay away from the tip of your nose and mouth. As a mask has become standard wear for all, and may be necessary for some time, we would love to outfit many more, in the hopes of providing one less annoyance and obstacle to managing our lives during this pandemic.
The masks are made in both linen and cotton, with a cotton herringbone tape around the ears, for maximum comfort and adjustability.