The Herringbone Apron

EH Works

$ 120.00

Our Indigo Herringbone Apron is made with a durable, medium weight denim, which has a soft laundered hand and tailored appearance. It is made from 100% cotton yarns. 
As with all of our designs, the apron was developed by collaborating with craftspeople, restaurant workers, florists, and friends, the users. We asked what is missing from what is available to them, what do they love, what would they improve upon. We paid attention to how aprons are used, where the hands naturally want to go, how best to carry and use tools. We achieved a beautiful product that is filled with function, void of anything unnecessary, comfortable to wear, and loved by our collaborators. 
       The apron pockets took shape and placement by taking note of actual use. Pockets are deep and generous, where they need to be, and compact where a small item is needing placement. The added utility pockets allow tools to be effortlessly stowed with the simple lowering of a hand. When the pockets aren’t in use, they lay seamlessly against the body for an overall a clean appearance. We have included a towel strap so that all desired tools are handy.
       The closure straps allow you to slip the apron over your head and freely adjust to the exact fit you want, on any given day. Whether cinched in for a snug fit, or hung loosely, the apron never impedes movement. The intentional cross over strap design keeps all points of contact evenly distributed and the fit exceptionally comfortable. 
       We chose a length that is universally suited to all. The fit is just as you like. 
Length is 40".

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