The Nomad Tool Roll: A closer look

Although the Essential Tool Roll has been known to work for motorcyclists who just need to carry tools for minor adjustments on a short ride, after interviewing numerous motor and bike cyclists to see what their tools looked like and getting their measurements, we came up with the size for one of our newest additions to the EH Works linethe Nomad. We saw the needs of those who wanted to carry their larger tools and/or tubes were either not satisfied with one roll or buying two Essential Tool Rolls for one bike!

That sparked our initial interest.

There is so much variation between riders and what kind of work they want to be able to do on their bikes, so we hit motorcycle and bike shops to get additional exact measurements and really have an idea of as much of the possibilities as we could.

For the Nomad we wanted to capture (up to) the needs of the motor cyclist and bike cyclist who does their own work on their bikes. We took groups of tools, used by these people, and made sure that all tools could fit. We wanted it to include those who are out on extended road trips.

We kept some of the pockets as narrow as the Essential because it was the best fit for tools, keeping them from rattling around. The most important feature for the motor cyclists was to be able to enclose all tools within the pockets. Just like our other tools rolls, everyone loves the ability to easily transport their tool box wherever they want to use it—on the road or in the shop.

Garage artist Patrick "Duffy" De Armas of Electric Coffin has been riding two wheeled contraptions since he was a kid, so we thought we would see what he thinks about his Nomad tool roll.

Initial thoughts? 
The tool roll is made out of quality materials. I like the shape, the pockets, the simplicity and style. 

The tin cloth is a great material and only gets better with age. 

Where do attach it to your bike?
It runs along the sissy bar, the swing arm, and the down tubes as well. Pretty much anywhere. 

What’s in your tool roll?
A couple wrenches, allen wrenches, zip ties are always key, tape, a flathead screwdriver, and a spark plug, and few red vines.  

Any trips planned?
I am heading down to Born Free 6. My friend Jake and I will be wandering down and at some point ending up at the ranch where we will meet up with a few thousand other choppers and vintage bikes. 

Safe travels Duffy!

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