The Essential: Bundle Your Baby Needs


As a new mom, I soon realized that the smaller the item, the more important it was and the harder it was to find in my diaper bag. The Essential Roll has made organization simple and is a quick grab & go for all the little things. Year round, I keep hand sanitizer, a toy, diaper cream, an amber teething necklace, a Tide stick and an extra pair of socks in it. In the summertime, my roll also includes a sun hat and sunglasses. The roll is stored in my diaper bag at all times and in case of a diaper change, I just grab the roll and this changing station for efficiency. I'm looking forward to discovering all the future purposes it will have in my growing child's life. I imagine it soon stowing craft supplies for car trip entertainment, school supplies in elementary school, a pencil/ruler case in middle school, toiletries for overnight trips and as a tool kit for his first car.

-Krista Stackhouse

Sunglasses - Paxley
Diaper Cream - Mayron's Goods 
Hat - Zara Baby
Porcupine Rattle - Green Tones
Amber Teething Necklace - Sweet Bottoms

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